5280 Glam

Lash Tech Training

Interested in getting trained on Classic, Volume, or Mega Volume Lash Extensions? Check out our training courses below!


Classic, Volume, or Mega Volume Lash Extension

Training Course Details:

Cost: $950

What's Included: Custom 5280 Glam Training Kit for day-of training as well as products, tools and supplies for at least 25 clients!

Course Duration: 8 hours

You'll also receive a Certificate of Completion after completing the course!

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Training Kit Includes:

• Eye pads
• Tape
• Lash wands
• Micro brushes
• 5280 Glam Lash Glue
• 5280 Glam Lash Bonder
• 5280 Glam Lash Primer
• Lash Adhesive Remover
• Lash Fan
• Practice Sponges
• Mannequin head with 6 pairs of replacement eyelids
• 5280 Glam Isolation tweezers, Volume tweezers and/or Classic tweezers
• 5280 Glam Lash Tile
• 5280 Glam Glue Tile
• Lash Mapping Eye Pads + How-To Booklet
• 3x trays of eyelashes
• Lash mirror