We Are 5280 Glam.

About Us

5280 Glam is a lash brand and salon located Denver, Colorado. After three years of sampling and trying everything lashes, we finally developed the perfect lash brand that we’ve always dreamt of.

Meet Owner & Certified Lash Tech

Jaimie Smonski

We are guilty of dreaming big and making dreams a reality. We are here to provide a high quality of products and educate you on everything lashes. When you have a dream, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t because you absolutely can, and you will!

Aside from our lash products and accessories, 5280 Glam is also an educational brand. We're here to teach you best practices to make your lashing life easier. We know everyone learns differently - so with our years of training experience, we’ve created a program with quality products that will take your lash game to a whole new level. We love teaching and watching others grow.  Come take a lash course with us and fall in love with 5280 Glam products as much as we are!

Training Courses